Jamie Swain


Jamie enjoys living a healthy and very active lifestyle to stay fit, feel good and minimize stress. She has always enjoyed sports and participated in many organized athletics as a kid, with her main focus on gymnastics and was a high school cheerleader. After college, Jamie began running as a way to unwind from her long days in the corporate world and soon began racing, starting out with 5K’s moving to ½ marathon’s and then to completing a full marathon. She is constantly challenging herself and completed her first triathlon a few years ago. Jamie is married to Adam and has 2 girls, Taylor (14) and Morgan (12) who are also very active. Adam is an Ironman and her girls do completive dance, swim and play Lacrosse. Together, Jamie and Adam enjoy hiking and are on their way to climing the 46 Adirondak High Peaks.  Jamie has been doing group exercise for many years and was encouraged by Heather to try her hand at teaching so she became certified to teach TRX. After a long day at work as a Learning & Talent Development Professional at Accenture she likes to unwind teaching a TRX class at “The Edge”.

  • TRXWednesday, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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