Heather Yondo


Heather Yondo has been teaching group exercise classes since 1990. She started teaching indoor cycling classes when she was training for her first triathlon in 1997. Since then, Heather hasn’t looked back. She has taught throughout the Greater Cleveland area and, in collaboration with her husband Mike, is excited to bring quality indoor cycling and group training back home.

Heather currently holds fitness certifications through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Spinning, TRX, and Cooper Institute of Aerobics and Fitness. She believes in motivating participants to reach new levels of health in every class.


She has a low tolerance for talking in her classes and requires push-ups if participants are late—laugh if you want, but you will push the limits and experience the intensity with Heather! Her sports idols include Dara Torres, Bobby Knight, and Jon Gruden, which speaks volumes about Heather’s coaching style.


“If you win, you get a trophy.  If you participate, you receive a life lesson.   Participation trophies are worthless -no one remembers who came in second place!”


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