Erin Figer


Erin has always enjoyed sports and participating in some form of organized athletics. She discovered the “runner’s high” at young age, unleashing her desire to run faster and jump farther than her last attempt. Her competitive drive landed her a Track and Field scholarship at a Division 2 college, where she ran the open 400m, long jump and triple jump.

Wanting to stay fit and live a healthy active lifestyle after college, Erin started exploring other forms of exercise that would provide the best possible sweat and cardio impact that she enjoys from running. When consulting in larger metropolitan cities, she loves to try new classes and then find them at home. This lifestyle lead her to discover cycling and Body Pump at The Edge.

Now certified for Body Pump and TRX, Erin brings the same passion and infectious energy for running to her classes. Erin loves to inspire and help people find their passion for staying fit and living healthier. Erin constantly challenges herself to reach new levels and set new goals, completing several triathlons, half/full/ultra marathons, and R2R2R. You can expect to be challenged and reach new levels when you attend Erin’s classes.

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